BGP ✖️ Te Akau 🍊

🍊 ✖️ B G P 

Excited to announce this one – we are all owners! 

Te Akau has offered to back BGP with a bloody exciting opportunity we are grateful for. They love what we are doing and want to help more younger people experience the thrill of racing a horse so have removed one of the biggest barriers – price.

They’ve given us two 5% leased shares for everybody in BGP that wants to be involved – there will be no costs to any BGP member.

BGP will be the effective owners of the shares with any stakes won being returned to Admin to be spent on you to further encourage the next generation of race goer and horse owner. 

We’ll come up with some creative ways to do this in the form of events, content, syndos etc. 

🐎 The Horses 🐎 

Two well bred, 2yo fillies bought by David at the Sydney Easter Sales. 

1️⃣Redoute’s Choice/Aware Filly

2️⃣Pierro/Missy Cummings Filly

We are working through adding a touch of BGP and if possible, the horses may race in Te Akau Tangerine and the BGP cap. 

🏁 Race Day 🏁

With so many people being involved, we’ll work with the clubs on a race by race basis to see if we can sneak a few beers and normal owner privileges. 

No doubt some race clubs won’t be stoked about having 2,000 owners in the owners lounge but we’ll look forward to the challenge of getting them onboard. 


What do you need to do?

Follow the link below to register as an effective owner of the two horses and you’ll receive communication of the progress of both of the fillies including trial updates, pre and post race updates exclusively from Te Akau’s trainer Jamie Richards. 


How good is this?

Thanks To The Tangeringe 🍊

Lastly, on behalf of BGP and all of you who sign up, I’d like to thank Te Akau for making this possible and giving further support to the group. Without the next generation of punter, racegoer, owner, employee etc., entering this sport, it won’t exist. To have the support of some of the bigger names in the game shows how much you all mean to them. 


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