BGP TV – The Movement

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Come behind the scenes and see some of what’s going on, whose calling and more importantly whose shouting the beers!

Episode – Boxing Day Highlights

📺 BGP TV – Boxing Day 📺

The lads grab a microphone and see who we can find at the Boxing Day races.

Check out the highlights package below.


Episode – Capture The Flag

📺 BGP TV – Boxing Day 📺

We thought we better test out the new BGP flag at The Big E and see whether it flies or not.

Check out how it unfolded.


Episode – Wish For Fish 🐟

📺 BGP TV – Alex Park For The Wish For Fish Charity Night 📺

We head along to Alex Park on a Friday night to check out a bit of harness action and help out with the Wish For Fish charity run by Bryce Dinneen. BGP always looking after the lads and people in need.

Past The Post Podcast

📺 Season Two – Episode 1 📺

🔥🔥Weee are back!!🔥🔥

And by god are we ready to fire fresh up!

Season 2.0
Episode 🥇

This week we look at the

Lisa Chittick 🦊bridge plate ✅
Lawrence stakes✅
Winx Stakes🔵⚪️✅

Plus all our sh*t chat, abuse and winners!🥇🏆

Episode 4

📺 BGP TV – Episode 4 📺

The lads take a detour to Brighthill farm before going to attack the Jewels💎

Preferment turns up right on the line in ridiculously good nick and Dalghar looks fit enough to trek to Scott Base.

Perfect start to the day with a few snarlers, stallions and suds. Good to go behind the gates of another stud farm and learn a bit more about where it all starts.

Thanks to the team at Brighthill for your hospitality and willingness to have us.


Episode 2

After a lukewarm reception to Luke’s lid, the lads are back with another installment. The fabulous team at Te Akau invited Luke, Ben and the Past the Post Podcast lads out to the farm for a look around. It was special to see horses like Gingernuts in the flesh and a few others that we’ve made more than a bob on! After David carved up Stephen Marsh we retreated to the confines of their lovely abode for a few too many drinks and hours upon hours of racing chat!!

Episode 1

On episode one, Luke talks way too much (for a change) to the camera and on the phone. The boys get the invite to Auckland Racing Club’s end of year function. These humble Manawatu lads try champagne for the first time and it doesn’t end well…

We’re agile and love feedback so if there’s specific things you’d like to see more of then feel free to let us know.

If you miss an episode, you’ll find them on YouTube

A huge thank you to Ben who pulls this together for a couple of steak sandwiches whilst most normal people go to work and earn money and sh*t.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 where we cop an invite to Te Akau for a look around 🍊🕵🏼‍♂️