Lane Racing to battle COVID-19

NZTR and RITA have been in discussion the past 2 weeks regarding a possible solution to continue racing due to the outbreak of the heavily contagious COVID-19.

Lanes will be introduced to keep a minimum 1.5m distance between rivals

The first trial of the restricted lane racing will occur at Ellerslie and Flemington Racecourse respectively with lines already being put to the turf. The lane racing suggestion was made to a panel of racing executive in an open discussion and brain storm for solutions to progress past a world wide issue.

Whilst the rules and finer details are still being worked on, we will welcome back throughbreds in this new form of racing as early as this weekend. Champion Jockey James McDonald was asked for his thoughts. “Doesn’t change a thing for me, I’ve been racing in the passing lane for years. I’m looking forward to seeing how this look in action”.

It is believed there will be a staggered start for racing round a bend whilst straight racing will offer a traditional starting gate.

We are certainly looking forward to the new style and analysing the form.

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