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Who are BGP?

Boys Get Paid was started in 2011 by the man, the myth, the legend Duan White(in his finest below) as a group of lads who loved to back a winner. We’d tip a horse weekly and hold bragging rights if our horse saluted.

It turned in to 20, 100, 500, 2,000 people and got a bit out of control to be honest, there were people posting pictures of multi’s, basketball BIG bets, sh*t chat, alsorts.

So we turned it off and now every single post is approved or disapproved. Every member must have a common connection to get in to BGP to ensure we have like minded people and who ever adds them can explain to them this isn’t a place of hero’s, sh*t comments and boasting.

Today it’s a community of 18,000 (and growing) avid racing and sports fans who don’t mind a beer and a bet.

Boys Get Paid gives the punter somewhere to hang out with like minded people as well as access to all of the latest oil and some inside help before putting that money down.

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